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She smiled to his heart

As the world's most successful model, her personal life has always been chased by the media and people focus. In Ford VCM |bmw gt1|the latest issue of "Vanity Fair" magazine interview, 29-year-old Bundchen to the media about her and her husband Brady's love at first sight, looks great on their own childhood lack of self-confidence, as well as to Brazil alone to engage in Sao Paulo city models the cause of personal experience.
When Bundchen from the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, United States out of the house to greet the journalists, the journalists met feel like a giraffe - it is hard to imagine you are the world's first 2008 model is so graceful and customs.
Indeed, it is hard to imagine you are a human creature is this: thin limbs, like a graceful swan which she feels like a cartoon character, like perfect. In fact, before someone Bundchen metaphor, but it is more ridicule - since the age of 13 has reached a height of 1 meter 8, the students laughed at her "Olga Buddha" (cartoon character Popeye's girlfriend ).
Popeye's girlfriend has not been attractive female curves, but Bundchen has gradually changed. Now, she's sexy men do not become the subject of failure. Has a healthy brown skin, and seems to be born as a bikini body, the beautiful beaches of Brazil became the world's most successful supermodel, she is said to reach the assets of 150 million U.S. dollars. In last year's "Forbes" magazine list, Aluminium Powdere state of 35 million U.S. dollars in revenue in the income of female entertainment figures ranked No. 16. In addition, she boarded the world's highest number of magazine cover models, and more than 20 kinds of world famous advocate, including Dior (Dior), Versace (Versace), Max Factor make-up brand honey (MaxFactor), Yubao ( Ebel) watches, as well as Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) perfume and so on.
Tom Brady
Date of Birth: August 3, 1977
Place of Birth: California
Height: 193cm
The effectiveness of the team: The United States Patriot football team
Tom youth, did not show exceptional sports talent, but he has been working hard and smart to raise their own. Entered the University of Michigan, he was not until 3 years before they get the first position, but in the 4-year lead the team when he won the Orange Bowl - an important university league crown.
In 2000, Brady in the NFL (National Football League) were Patriots draft article 6 in the 199 sequence selected, this ranking is not an objective reflection of his strength. However, only a time for the season, he led the Patriots won the Super Bowl three times and won two Super Bowl individuals MVP. Have a regular season NFL single-season touchdown pass record, he is considered the history of one of the best quarterback.
Gisele Chen
Date of Birth: July 20, 1980
Place of birth: Brazil
Height: 180cm
Measurements: 92/61/89
Supermodel Bundchen was born in Brazil, a small village south of the 1995 models started their career. Her chest, as well as a perfect world-famous figure, she won the "Brazil ofWatch Brand|
Fake Watches| Designer Watch| Cool Watches| Buy Watch|Copy Watches|Sport Watches|Wrist Watches|soldiers" and other nicknames, the famous "Rolling Stone" magazine has given her "the most beautiful women," the title.
She is almost all high-level fashion brands as a model and appeared in more than 500 kinds of world-famous cover of the magazine. Her 29-year-old was considered the world's highest-paid model, she was in 2007 "Forbes" magazine and "Guinness Book of Records" as the world's richest models, the accumulated assets of more than 150 million U.S. dollars.
Part of Love
"He has a pure heart, which is the key to marriage"
Wedding come away empty-handed media
Not be an exaggeration to say that 29-year-old Bundchen has been exposed in the spotlight 14 years ago, but the media have not foundsigns of her marriage, her secret wedding even surprised many of my friends. Because the first week of marriage, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil also Chen rave parties on the Pantene ad shoot.
February 26, she and the United States football team New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady walked into the Brentwood church, and the scene was no sort of publicity, or even just a private gathering. In April, they are also the home of Costa Rica held a second wedding, attended by the same family and friends on both sides. "I do not like parties, I hope that is the secret wedding, those closest to our people."
Which is a manifestation of "playing" with the paparazzi back. Bundchen is because before the wedding, major gossip news media ready for World War II, and on the wedding she and her husband have also been rumors. It is reported that in mid-January, Brady on Christmas Eve in a private jet on one knee to bring Bundchen "pigeon egg" to marry him. Bundchen said, however, these are not real, they have engaged for a long time, and she is not wearing a ring so as to avoid public attention.
Subsequently, the magazine can only use language to describe this wedding: 29-year-old bride wore an ivory fitted dress without straps tight, the long delay to the first yarn and have to make by hand the silk roses , and accompanied by three of the dogs from the same flower, and they are the brand Dolce & Gabbana products.
Love at first sight with her husband
Bundchen avoid the "media blitz" is lucky, because since she was 9 years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend, she is the focus of the media track.
Year as a result of "Titanic" the great fever, a Leonardo fame. He Bundchen the supermodel's portfolio in the subsequent 5 years, the media gossip columns have always been the "hero", but could not bear theOil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|Leonardo, they love in the last 8 months of sub - All together, quite dramatic.  

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LV High packets from ...

LV High packets from the list of people the world international for vanity and fashion burning package
If you look at the players, especially the Chinese national team players travel attire, it is easy to find that they could form a sizeable "LV stores": LV bags from hand to use the LV purse, as well as the LV belt, it allows you to dizzying. Lists are not the world fresh from the Rolex Vacheron, Jijia, longines, Dili, such as Fyodor everything.

Bags and watches in the men, like in a woman's jewelry. Although the culture of Chinese players is very low, but life is very particular about fashion, and even there is a very difficult match "international taste." For these upstarts, in addition to routine training and competitions outside, in addition to others that they can earn an annual long-awaited addition to one million, it is difficult for others to convince more and enviable place. This is so that they are very low self-esteem, in order to cover up this loss can not easily be detected, in addition to ho cars, luxury and so on, most likely to satisfy their vanity is everywhere in a variety of packages and watch.

LV more than 100,000 bags, to buy time for the eyes will not blink about. 3000 U.S. dollars a purse,Fake Watches|Watch Brand|Designer Watch|Cool Watches|Buy Watch|Copy Watches|Sport Watches|Wrist Watches|between the left on the hides. Abroad every city, we first of all to the local LV store. Hisayuki, LV has become a favorite Chinese players.

There Lists. From the Rolex Vacheron Constantin, Jijia, longines, Dili Tuo, as long as the watch and everything would have to buy. Sometimes, in order to collectors, sometimes to competition, sometimes in order to parade one's wealth, and sometimes purely for the sake of a kind of vanity.

In addition to LV, there is more GUCCI hats and backpacks. For the sake of a hat, 6000 yuan is a small CASE; forOil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting| a backpack, 3 million thus generated can not see your feelings. From the brand perspective, this is indeed a market. Or that is not recognized in the pursuit of a trend.  

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Dafei Li Bai

World famous brand watches Dafei Li Bai
Dafei Li Bai list of the world, the English abbreviation is PP. There is no doubt the world is recognized as the best brand, known as "the watch of blue blood aristocracy." PP is not complicated by the movement or appearance of the gorgeous known, and even men in their shells on the little table inlaid diamonds or any precious stones, but it always adhere to the movement self-made, limited production, with a refined born on the inward nobility Temperament. Therefore, PP can not have the money to wear, and those of Huang Chengcheng wearing a gold ring and gold necklace, sauna frequented by Kara OK and the "rich soil" is not qualified to have the PP. Wear should have a certain temperament and demeanor, elegant style of conversation, "Gui Zuqi" The success of people can wear. PP with the large ring, bracelet and necklace jewelry, such as "immunity", these East and PP are always together uncoordinated, so wear in the PP should avoid wearing those tacky. PP prices are more than 100,000 yuan, as the entry-level 3919 have about 110,000.
In the world ranking list, Dafei Li Bai and Vacheron Constantin, Haojue side by side in the world, and other premium watches.
Patek Philippe production of the plant was built in 1839. Patek Philippe watches the price: each of their table, the average Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|retail price of up to 13,000 dollars to 20,000 dollars. They are Switzerland's only truly independent tabulation of one, from beginning to end all their production, a training PATEK PHILIPPE (Patek Philippe) tabulation division to be 10 years. Watch lovers is a noble symbol of a Patek Philippe table, the noble realm of art and expensive materials to create a Patek Philippe enduring brand.
Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe), founder of Anthony Butterfield (Antoine Norbert de Patek) was in 1831 against Russian rule in Poland's revolutionary. Poland after the failure of the revolution, he fled to France, in Geneva, Switzerland to settle in and began to engage in the watch and clock industry, in 1839 opened up a hundred clocks and watches companies. In 1844, Anthony and Jane Patek Philippe (FrancoisCzapek) at a Paris meet in the exhibition. At that time, Jane Philippe has designed a thin crust, and on the chain and do not have to adjust the traditional list of key bag table. This bag table in the exhibition by even ignored, and Anthony Butterfield is a new design for its deep-drawn. After the two talked to reach an immediate intention to cooperate, it is so simple Patek Philippe joined the company. In 1851, up to a hundred companies officially renamed the company Patek Philippe.
Patek Philippe factory marked by the Knights of the Sword and the pastor of the combination of the Cross, also known as "multi-Carrefour Hyderabad Cross." It is the origin: in 1185, Spain asked a number of Carrefour's Hyderabad city by the Moors star auto scanner|
auto star scanner|autoboss|launch 431|Electronic Cigarette|X431|X 431|of aggression, the brave knight and priest Raymond Digebeila Si Kaisi, led by people desperate for the Anti-Japanese War, the end-Moors Drive away. Pastor (Cross) and Knight (sword), together with the solemn become a symbol of courage. This represents just a symbol of Anthony and Jane Patek Philippe spirit of cooperation. The plant in 1857 from the standard started to use.

Patek Philippe was established after a great honor to be: in the 1851 World Expo in London, the British Queen and selected and bought a Patek Philippe pocket table. This new spin handle the bags hanging in a table set with 13 diamonds, gold pins, blue enamel table covered with gold decorated with diamonds to form themselves into the number of roses. At that time, the Queen's husband, Bert also prince to buy a Patek Philippe of a hunting table. Celebrity purchase products, Patek Philippe has laid a result of its aristocratic. In the pursuit of high-level, Patek Philippe in the selection of material on Buxigongben. Early Patek Philippe Case, the material used for the silver and 18K gold. For centuries, most of the selection of 18K gold (including gold, platinum, gold rose, and so on) and even platinum. And the all-steel watchcase, and then only to a small part of. Patek Philippe table movement is using a high number of drilling, early form of more drilling in more than 15, then the product in order to drill for more than 29. 60s produced some of the complexity of the performance of gold watches, a number of drilling up to 37 drill, similar to the table rare.

In the technical watches, Patek Philippe has been a leader with a number of patents. From the 1851 "Patek Philippe" first "spin on the wind-up handle," Patents, a major patent include precision regulator, dual timer, the spiral balance-wheel, automatic external links on the rotor, As well as the balance wheel, and other heart devices. From 1949 to 1979, 30 years, have 40 patents, many of its patents, for the most in the list.
Patek Philippe's highly skilled manufacturing technology, has produced many top brands table. In 1927, the U.S. auto magnate Bo Jiade order Ms. Patek Philippe watches, the company can create a play of the most beloved of his mother's lullaby to play table spring, when the value of Swiss francs for 8300. New York should be great collector's request Greaves, Patek Philippe from 1928 to 1933, spent 5 years, the time difference, equivalent to a star map of the bag table. Its absolutely exquisite, setting a milestone in the history of clocks and watches. In 1985, Patek Philippe produced 940 models of multi-functional watches, automatic, calendar, moon phase, leap month, jumping on automatic functions, body thickness of only 3.75 mm, similar to a watch in the thinnest.
Patek Philippe watch on the company's strict restrictions on production, each not more than 10,000. From the company set up to now nearly a century and a half, the total output of only 600,000. Fine plus a limited, so that Patek Philippe preserve and increase the list of great features. In 1989, in memory of up to a hundred companies set up production and the 150th anniversary of the commemoration of the table, the appreciation in the early 90's to 4 times. The company's 1953 production of a platinum diamond-studded sun and stars table calendar men, held in Hong Kong auction in the spring of'97 was a European buyer to purchase 5,300,000 Hong Kong dollars, Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar watch the price break Highest bid and Asia watch the highest auction price record of the two.
At present, Patek Philippe is one of the world still using only hand-refined, and be able to complete all the original tabulation process manufacturers, and stick to watch the traditional process. Swiss watch industry, said the traditional manufacturing methods such as "Geneva 7 traditional tabulation process," meaning a combination of designer watches division, goldsmith and watch chain Carpenter, a sculptor and ceramic artist and mason Bao's traditional crafts. Patek Philippe is convinced that this type of technology by the hand of the master produced a list of all art, which is Patek Philippe watches have even the most proud of. In order to break tradition and create a better working environment, Patek Philippe is currently President and Managing Director Philippe Mr. Shi Dong since 1988 and began planning the construction of new factories in order to "Patek Philippe Li's unique combination of technology and science and technology under one roof. " The new factory was completed after the opening of a complete "into a" factory, a plant next to the old castle has been renovated into a Geneva private collection of the museum treasures.
To achieve further development of Patek Philippe in October 1996 issued a formal "Patek Philippe International Magazine" to Britain, France, Japan, China, Germany, Italy 6 language version of the issue, the magazine sought in the Content to attract customers, enhance the corporate image. All these demonstrate at the Patek Philippe constant innovation, change management, so that the century-old factory is still full of vigor, full of vigor and vitality.  

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